March 2017 Update

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We would like to start this update by thanking our dedicated fans and community members who have shown us nothing but support over the 3 years that we have worked on Trenta OS and Today we will make some possibly unpopular announcements. Our goal of providing you with the best looking open-source desktop experience has not changed. Though, we do need to make some critical changes at this time. We want to be as transparent as possible with all of you.…

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Our First Blog Post

Posted on now has a blog, powered by Caddy and Hugo! Our Google+ posts seem to get longer and longer because there is more and more information we’d like to share will you all about how things are going inside the project. This works fine, but No one reads long posts and You can’t cram a long post into 140 characters for Twitter Therefore, we have started this blog. We hope to use it to keep you all informed and excited about our project and the work we do.…

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